Top Benefits of Natural Patchouli Incense



Kala Kutir brings to your homes our Natural and pure Patchouli Incense Set - a pack of all-natural incense that offers numerous benefits for your wellbeing. Pure patchouli incense has been used spiritually for centuries, with its cleansing properties being particularly effective in room cleansing and healing the root chakra. Additionally, it is known for its aphrodisiac effects, as well as its calming and grounding qualities, making it perfect for meditation.

Cleansing and energising :When it comes to cleansing and energizing your space, patchouli has been relied upon for centuries to cleanse the aura and imbue a sense of peace and calm. Kala Kutir's Patchouli incense set comes with a beautiful incense plate made from natural terracotta, which acts as a natural mediator to bring in grounding energies.

How to use : To use, simply open your windows to allow the flow of energy in your space. Place a Kala Kutir incense cone on the plate and light it up. Allow the fire to slowly extinguish, releasing the calming patchouli fragrance. You can fan the smoke all around your room or place it in a central location like your meditation altar or your center/coffee table so that the fragrance envelops the entire space.

For mediation Grounding of root chakra : Kala Kutir's incense set also comes with an owl incense holder, which you can use to place an incense stick and spread calmness, togetherness, and harmony in your space. Its fragrance is perfect for calming your mind and promoting relaxation for a good night's sleep.

As an Aphrodisiac: Moreover, patchouli is known for its aphrodisiac effects, making it an excellent choice for bedroom use or date night. It has the power to ignite positive feelings and attract love and harmony.

As a thoughtful gift : Finally, gifting patchouli in many cultures is considered a strengthening gift, as it acts as a good luck wisher. Kala Kutir's patchouli incense set makes for a thoughtful gift to your loved ones, as its numerous benefits naturally wish them goodness and happiness.

With so many beneficial qualities, it's no wonder that natural patchouli is so widely used. Experience its healing powers and enjoy the calming effects of Kala Kutir's patchouli incense set today.

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