Wisdom and Hope Hands Tealight Holder in a gift Box
Wisdom and Hope Hands Tealight Holder in a gift Box
Wisdom and Hope Hands Tealight Holder in a gift Box

Wisdom and Hope Hands Tealight Holder in a gift Box

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Wisdom and Hope Hands Tealight Holder

Share the glow of Diwali with this beautiful hands tealight holder. Two gold-painted terracotta hand holds one tea light candle each. These classical Mudra hands enhance your traditional décor. It looks serene and beautiful.

The text inside the box reads: Handcrafted from terra cotta, these graceful tea light holders are created in the form of “mudra” hand gestures of classical dance throughout the Indian subcontinent. In the “Jnana mudra” the thumb touches the forefinger, with the palm up. This gesture symbolizes wisdom. In the “Varada mudra” the open hand is facing upwards. This gesture symbolizes hope.

Symbolically, these two hands holding tea lights convey the following invitation:” May wisdom guide you and hope sustain you.”
The holder comes in a red handmade paper box accented with gold traditional painted motifs. Tea light not included.

  • Handmade and hand-painted authentic pieces each set is unique and one of a kind.
  • One of the most visually bright and appealing lights to enhance your Diwali
  • Makes for a beautiful Diwali décor
  • Makes for a very thoughtful and eco-conscious gift.
  • This uniqueness lends each piece a complex character that can never be found in mass-produced products.
  • The irregularity and free-flowing design give it an unmatched identity.
  • A real 'conversation starter,' your guests and family will not only be awed but also be inspired by your very own unique taste in traditional art.


Disclaimer: The entire art piece, including the wrapping, is meticulously handmade by master artisans one piece at a time. Due to this process, there may be a slight variation from one item to the next, including the color. Such variations are inherent in the manufacturing of handmade products, so you may expect minor distinctions that will make your purchase special and truly one of a kind. 



Ceramic Hand painted and terracotta molding with Handmade box






6 x 5 x 2.5 (L x W x H)


500 grams



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Table Top Décor for Diwali

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We are sure that you'll be extremely happy with this handcrafted piece and if not, offer a hassle-free 14-day refund policy!